What we do


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the computer-to-computer exchange of routine business documents such as Purchase Orders, Shipment Notices, Invoices.
We develop products to support industry leading EDI solutions. We also provide project development support for prompt and timely completion of your EDI and E-Commerce development projects for your customers, suppliers, logistics partners.

Remote Support

In the form of remote support, you can alleviate the headaches of managing a staff or compliment your existing people resources. Our support is thorough, quick, and economical due to our many years experience with most EDI, AS2, ERP gateways, and WMS systems.

Who we are

who actually we are..???

We are a team of professionals with 20+ years of industry experience. Our goal is to make working with electronic business information as easy as possible. We do the analysis, design, development, testing & deploy the solution so that you can use your new EDI / EC system with minimum of effort. In fact, many of the systems we install run unattended--leaving you time to focus on other matters!. ECS offers a wide range of EDI / EC / Pharmaceutical solutions to choose from, each of which represents state-of-the-art technology and seamlessly integrates with your existing business systems.

Since inception, ECS has focused exclusively upon business-to-business complexities, we can likely help you quickly, economically, and thoroughly.

Special services

EDI Mapping for Success

Effective EDI Mapping allows your business to exchange data with partners more efficiently, facilitating improved customer relationships, increased profitability, and long-term business success.

EDI Outsourcing

Our managed EDI outsourced services span from day-to-day monitoring and support of routine activity to the manpower required for new development, testing and trading partner community management. Our related EDI outsourcing services also include remote, ad hoc map development and other technical functions as needed and when needed.